Probability for Snare Drums

Matthew Curley
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This piece is designed for 2 or more snare drummers.

Each time you play this piece it is different.

The piece can range anywhere from 40 seconds to 10+ minutes, depending on how the dice are rolled.

Each snare drummer must have a pair of dice & a snare drum (any size)

It is reccomended that the group play with a click track (either visual click track or in-ear)

Begin by rolling the dice. (onto the snare drum head. this sound is part of the piece)

Perform the rhythm on the line that you roll. (@ 95 bpm)

Each player will become asynchronous from each other, but keep the same pulse with the click.

Rests are all good, there may be moments in the piece of several seconds of silence. That is by design.

When you finish the line you rolled, Roll again, and play the rhythm you roll.

When you roll 12, move on to page two.

Continue until you roll 12 while on page 2, and continue the "Tick tock" cross stick rhythm until

every player rolls twelve, then finish together.


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Sheet Music in PDF format

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Probability for Snare Drums

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